Caveman Eats

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How Did It All Come To Be...

Caveman Eats was the brainchild of  Anthony Williams and made possible by the love and support of the whole Williams Family.

Anthony grew up as the oldest of two sons in the south Puget Sound community of Purdy, WA just Northwest of Gig Harbor. After Graduating from a local Community College with his AA Gegree in the fall of 2002, Anthony got a job as a supervisor with a Business to Business Sales group. It was during this time he met the love of his life Elizabeth. They were married within a year. After they got married he quit working in sales, and spent several months figuring out what he wanted to do. "I had no clue back then. I tried a lot of different careers but nothing really fit." I tried lots of things even owning a small cafe`. But "It was one of those AH HAH moments. We have a large family and have always enjoyed going to festivals durring the summer." It was at one such festival Anthony and his wife found themselves trying to feed their family with very litle luck. They had bought chicken on a stick for $6.00 and had gotten less than 3oz of meat on the skewer. "I knew I could do better!" So after a year of R&D, Product developement and $6k bucks in the spring of 2011 Caveman Eats Concessions was born.

"The first was good, the second was better but the third year exploded... Now we are in 30 events, several Crossfit Games and going to new and exotic locations like Portland." Things are looking up for this intrepid entrepreneur now more then ever. "I think it will be great when we get our food truck and concession trailer up and running later this year. That alone will save time setting up  so we can focus more on making great food."

Well good luck. I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

by Justin Alexander